75% global coverage

Coverage where you need it
NewSat provides coverage over Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, across the Indian Ocean extending into Europe and across the Pacific Ocean, reaching into the West Coast of the USA.

“Your operations don’t need to feel remote. We can ensure seamless integration of your network, from the other side of the world to the middle of nowhere, on land, in the air or at sea.” – David Ball, Chief Technology Officer

Europe, the Middle East
and Africa

Pacific Ocean and
West Coast of the USA

The Indian Ocean, Asia and

99.99% Availability

Resilient connectivity when you need it most
NewSat’s teleports deliver exceptional availability with 99.99% up-time, providing every customer with the best quality of service, ensuring superior coverage, reliability and performance.

“We deliver ’always on’ communications for organisations to make faster decisions, families to share moments and critical operations to function effectively.” – Adrian Ballintine, Chief Executive Officer

Best teleports in Asia Pacific

High quality communications
NewSat’s world acclaimed teleports in Perth and Adelaide made the World Teleport Association 2013, 2012 and 2011 “Top Operator Rankings”, confirming NewSat as the best teleport operator in Asia Pacific.

“NewSat is regarded by its peers and customers as one of the best teleports in the Asia Pacific region. NewSat’s achievements as a WTA Finalist, twice over the past few years is outstanding for any company.” – Robert Bell, Executive Director, World Teleport Association

Perth teleport

Adelaide teleport

24 x 7 x 365
technical support

Support available whenever you need it
NewSat’s two 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operations Centres can be contacted anytime from Australia and overseas, so customers are always connected to NewSat’s highly experienced technical support.

“Your questions aren’t limited to business hours and issues don’t always arise before 5pm. Our technical support team is available to respond at all hours.” – Bruce Mayberry, Operations Manager

Fast deployment

Implementation aligned with your project
With the expertise of a large corporate organisation yet the flexibility, support and speed of a smaller specialist provider, NewSat is responsive to all customer requirements.

“Communications can be an afterthought for many large projects. Working with customers to avoid any challenges, NewSat has the experience and understanding to deploy within short timeframes ensuring project deadlines are met and customer objectives achieved.” – Ashley Neale, Sales Director, Asia Pacific.


Defence-grade security of your information
NewSat provides secure, mission-critical communications, having been audited and approved by major government organisations to ensure the transmission of vital and sensitive information.

“The highest level of physical, technical and process-driven security ensures the privacy of your information and protects your business.” – Len McGoldrick, VP Engineering and Operations.

Tailored solutions

Flexibility to suit your technical and commercial goals
NewSat’s tailored solutions are designed specifically for each customer, accommodating both technical and commercial considerations and delivering a diverse range of solutions, satellites and platforms.

“Our services are not ‘off the shelf’. Effective and measured design equals efficient investment and a user experience our customers expect.” – Andrew Matlock, SVP Global Sales

Jabiru-2 launching 2014

Ku-band capacity
High-powered Australasia coverage
Highly focused capacity over Australia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands.

Experts in the Australasia region

Australian-listed and headquartered in Australia, NewSat has provided services to enterprise and government customers for over 15 years. NewSat currently supports over 4000 telecommunication services, intimately understanding the challenges and opportunities of customers in the region. With a world recognised reputation, NewSat is the partner of choice for Australasia.


Seamless communication whether located offshore, on-site, or in a metro office

Jabiru-2 will support remote sites and exploration teams to function effectively, providing real-time data transfer, video conferencing, on-site office services, remote asset monitoring, and workplace health and safety.

on the Move

Real-time internet, voice, video and data for mobility, maritime and aeronautical markets

Jabiru-2 will support innovative and bandwidth heavy applications constantly on the move, ensuring seamless integration of your network whether you are sitting at the next desk on land, on the other side of the world at sea or in the sky.

Distance learning and

Improve health services and knowledge amenities with fast deployment and a quick connection

Jabiru-2 will support tele-medicine and e-learning applications to quickly reduce the healthcare and knowledge divide in remote areas, satisfying the demanding communication requirements of isolated communities

Launch vehicle

Ariane-5 ECA

Design life

15 years

Orbital tolerance

+/- 0.05º latitude,
+/- 0.05º longitude

Orbital location

91.5° East

Satellite type


EIRP (dBW) beam


G/T (dB/°K) beam


Number of transponders


Total capacity


Capacity of transponders




WIN three amazing prize packs


To mark the launch of Jabiru-2, NewSat is also giving away three Jabiru-2 prize packs:

  • Pair of NewSat Waterford Crystal wine glasses

  • Bottle of Australian wine

  • Premium cigar holder and cutter

  • Limited edition Australian silver and opal lapel pin

Winners to be announced Tuesday 20 May (2pm and end of day 1 sessions)
Wednesday 21 May 2014 (start of day 2 sessions).

Hi NewSat,

About NewSat

NewSat is Australia’s largest pure-play satellite communications company, delivering internet, voice, data and video communications via satellite. With award winning and unique-to-Australia teleport infrastructure, NewSat has a reputation as the partner of choice for enterprise and government customers around the world. Today, NewSat provides secure and reliable connectivity to 75% of the globe.

NewSat will be expanding its satellite capabilities with the Jabiru Satellite Program. Set to launch Australia’s first commercial Ka-band satellite, Jabiru-1 will provide high-powered, flexible capacity over the MENA and Jabiru-2, launching in 2014, will deliver highly targeted coverage across Australasia. For more information, please visit newsat.com